Communication Presentation Skills.pdf


What are communication and presentation skills?

How do you overcome communication and presentation fears?

What is communication and communication channels?

What are the barriers to communication?

How does one plan a presentation?

What is the key to an effective presentation?

What are the common failings of presenters?

What are the available resources and tools for presentations?

How does one measure a presentation?

What makes an effective speaker?

Why does one need a corporate profile?

What should one communicate to stakeholders?

What is the key to effective advertisements?

What are the attention getters in advertising?                       

What should go into the copy of advertisements?


Our conferences can best be described as an end user forum.We provide a neutral platform for the sharing of experiences between the delegates attending as well as between delegates and presenters who are also end users.We also ensure that there are ample networking sessions and enough time for personal interaction. We do provide a platform for vendors and suppliers to participate as sponsors or exhibitors at our conferences and workshops. We provide sessions for vendors and suppliers to interact with the end user delegates.