Top Training Programmes for 2017

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THIS 3 DAY PRACTICAL WORKSHOP WILL HELP YOU TO ASSESS YOUR CURRENT BUSINESS MODEL, AFFECT IMPROVEMENTS AND IF NEEDED, BUILD A NEW BUSINESS MODEL WORKSHOP OVERVIEW Every business needs to construct its business model that correlates its vision, mission, goals and objectives with its risk profile, structures and operational strategies and systems and controls. To do this, one needs to identify the building blocks of the business model that will represent the foundation and superstructure of the customised business model that will “stand the test of time”. However, in a changing macro and micro environment the business model needs to be flexible and be assessed and analysed in terms of the situation and a SWOT analysis that ensures the business model is working for the organization
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WORKSHOP OVERVIEW One of the main reasons for the financial crisis has been a failure of corporate governance risk management. A key responsibility and duty of the board and directors is the governance, management and minimisation of risk. Building on this foundation, the board and management can then focus on the optimisation of returns, and shareholder value creation and growth. Where risk is greater than returns, there will be dilution of value and ultimately corporate and business failure. This three day workshop looks at all the principal risks, external and internal risk areas, avoidable and unavoidable risks threatening most businesses and the action plan to minimise and manage risks – The Development of a Risk Management Strategy, effective risk solutions and fraud detection and the role of the internal audit.
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COURSE OVERVIEW Strategy is more than a planning exercise. It’s at the heart of the business model. It means an assessment of: • The choice of sector, industry and business type. Are we in the right business? • The choice of direction and goals. Can it be achieved? How are we going to get there? When will we get there? What if something goes wrong? The desired results. • The choice of business relationships. Who should we be talking to? Our customers? Our suppliers? Our shareholders? What are our business terms? • What resources are required to generate and grow value? What productive tangible assets need to be acquired? • What human capital needs to be employed? • What are the risks that we face? What are the risks that one faces known and unknown? The certainties and uncertainties. Who are our competitors? What have they got that we do not have? • What returns do we need to achieve our goals – returns on assets, return on environment, return on capital? • What operational activities have to be put in place to support the corporate and business strategy? • Is our business model sustainable? • What leadership is needed to make it work…..make it happen?
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OVERVIEW Strategy is the foundation of future value creation. Every organisation public, private and state-owned enterprise – needs to have clear sense of purpose, direction and mission control to execute the strategy plan. It starts by looking back – past successes, failures and disappointments and looking ahead. This 3 day workshop will guide you step by step in relation to your company to develop a practical workable strategy plan and operational plan for 2017 and beyond. FEATURES AND BENEFITS This 3 day workshop will give your company and its team a new sense of purpose and direction and the strategy tools to efficiently and effectively implement a strategy plan for you and the your Team. • Understand the importance of corporate strategy and business strategy • Review and develop an enhanced business model • What strategy tools should you use? • How to do an effective SWOT Analysis • Understand business risks, returns and value creation opportunities • Assess your resource capabilities • Put in place a strategy mission control • Developing a practical operating budget for your company • Develop appropriate KRIs and KPIs • Have a strategy and budget dashboard as part of the strategy process • How to do a Strategy Gap Analysis • Identify growth opportunities and sources of revenue growth PLUS DIRECTORS CORPORATE GOVERNANCE FRAMEWORK AND DUTIES OF DIRECTORS MANAGING THE PRESENT CONTROLLING FUTURE RESULTS
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