Selected Audience:

This program is only open to attendees that hold a board-level or executive-level position in an organization. A maximum of 7 candidates can attend the workshop at any given time.

Why Digital Transformation & Innovation is the job of the Board and Executives!

Digital Transformation and Innovation are essential to the survival of all enterprises in the digital age.

For nearly a decade now, Digital Transformation was included in virtually every list of business or executive priorities published by research and consulting companies, and close to 75% of fortune 500 companies say innovation is one of their top three management priorities (with 35% ranking it above all others)

That's not surprising. After all, a winning innovation strategy—paired with the capability to leverage technology, innovate and deliver against that strategy can make a phenomenal difference.

What's more, less than 20% of Digital Transformation succeed. The vast majority of these initiatives fail to transform the organization and enable the organization to compete with digital native organizations.

Millions of dollars are wasted on initiatives touted as Digital Transformation that will have no or little effect on an organization's ability to survive and thrive in a digital age.

The quick test if an initiative will succeed is to evaluate how innovative it is. But innovation is hard.

Only about 30% of fortune 500 companies think they are good at innovation3 .

And it's only getting more challenging.

The realities of the Digital Age require even the best innovators to continually master new capabilities, develop and deliver new ideas faster and more agile.

The reality is that most organizations are ill-prepared for the new digital area competitive landscape, and the lack of leadership understanding and involvement is presented as one of the top challenges by various studies.

Digital Transformation is firstly about TRANSFORMATION; it is not about digital; digital is the means or the tool to transform.

The top reason why Digital Transformation fails so often is that the organizational leadership does not own it, and there is no top-down Digital Transformation Strategy.

Two of the top 10 skills an executive has to have today are leading digital transformation and enabling their organization to innovate and deliver new products and services fast and at scale


What you will learn during the workshop

How to become a digital age executive.
Understand what Digital Transformation is (and what it is not).
Defining your Digital Transformation Strategy to survive and thrive in the digital age.
Establishing innovation programs that deliver real ROI and facilitate fundamental transformation.
Achieve business agility that is customer-centric.
Facilitate business model and governance changes to survive the digital age.
Obtaining Digital Age industry leadership.


Target Audience

Corporate Executives and Directors.
Board Members.
General Managers.
IT Leadership.

Workshop Prerequisite

None but a basic knowledge of management and leadership practices, strategy, information technology, financial planning, and product development will be a plus

Workshop Outline

Please note that this event is a workshop, not traditional training; participants will learn theory and practice by participating in workshop activities. About 1/3 of the event involves active participation by attendees by either doing something or discussing a topic


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