King IV is an essential tool for sustaining effective and excellent management of commercial entities. The term ‘corporate governance’ is misleading as the fundamental success principles of King IV are universal and apply to diverse private entities such as Listed Companies Unlisted Companies Public Companies and Private Companies NGO’s and non-profits, and public entities such as municipalities or SOEs. King IV, against its legal and ethical legal background, is an indispensable tool in establishing and sustaining the triple business excellence values of performance, trust, and care.

Directors, boards, and business leaders, including auditors, and other officers of companies who fail to understand and apply, the principles of governance set out in King IV will be hard pressed, if challenged, to answer the charge that they failed to perform their services in the reasonable, trustworthy, and careful manner others expected of them.

Who should attend this COURSE?

Directors, boards, partners, owners, and business leaders as well as officers and key persons employed in businesses wishing to understand the essential rules of law that underpin the duties of trust and care embody

King IV’s code of best practice principles and their applications.

New board and management team members.

Listed and Unlisted Companies

Company Secretaries

Board Secretaries

In house legal counsel


Compliance Managers

Heads of Risk and risk managers

Benefits of attending this course

  • Unpack, understand, and apply the duty of trust
  • Unpack, understand, and apply the duty of care
  • Apply the common sense of common law to complex codes
  • Reap the rewards of the profitability and enhanced reputation
  • Save money avoid litigation and pain
  • All delegates will receive a standard English training guide including the slide handout and curated links to essential management guides, tools, and templates for effective and sustained management excellence.
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